Transparency International works with governments, civil society, business, and the media to promote transparency in elections, public administration, procurement, and business.

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Reflections on Business Fighting Corruption

Michael Hershman

Michael Hershman explains the private sector’s role in fighting corruption. In many countries with little regulatory capacity, businesses are better equipped than governments to tackle corruption. Furthermore, businesses recognize that corruption raises the costs and risks to their operations.

The Business Case for Creating a Standalone Chief Compliance Officer Position

Jodie Fredericksen
Michael Hershman
Elizabeth Lewis
Erica Salmon-Byrne
Alan Yuspeh

An approach some organizations have chosen to pursue is combining the chief compliance officer with that of the general counsel. Although these roles have natural areas of overlap, the approach of combining them should be carefully considered before adoption.

Leveling the Playing Field: How to Compete Against a Backdrop of Bribery

PharmSource Information Systems

In countries where corruption is seen as the standard, what can businesses do to stay in the game?

Government-Imposed Monitoring of Private Organizations:
A Need for Standards

Howard T. Anderson

Corporations, like humans, can be indicted for crimes, tried, and convicted. Punishment, however, is a different matter.

The Law Show

Watergate Reunion - June 1992

From 1990 to 1996, Michael Hershman co-hosted The Law Show on National Public Radio, which was produced by WAMC-Northeast Public Radio.  This innovative, nationwide show was broadcast on CBS as well as the Armed Forces Radio. The Law Show hosted guest speakers ranging from Supreme Court Justices to leading trial lawyers for conversations, in an explanatory style, about critical legal issues confronting our nation and its citizens.

Data Leakage and Content Management

Don Gilberg

The “leaking” of consumer data and sensitive information has cost organizations hundreds of millions of dollars, significant embarrassment, and permanent damage to their reputations. Network monitoring in today’s threat environment requires much more robust and diverse visibility than ever to cope with multi-dimensional threats that may be invisible to your current defenses.

Arrested Development

The Fight Against International Corporate Bribery

Ben W. Heineman & Fritz Heimann

There has been growing recognition that corruption has a particularly insidious impact on developing nations. Yet the developed world’s efforts to stop emerging market bribery by its own corporations have been uneven at best.

Fear Itself

Michael J. Hershman & Mark Monsky

Since 9/11, we have been facing a rising explosion of hate which means to target us, our children, and what we stand for. Within this atmosphere of fear, we must ensure a reasonable balance between our security and our rights.

Managing Risk and Crisis Communications

Judi Nardella Hershman

Once a crisis occurs, there is little time to think, let alone to develop a plan. These guiding principles can help you manage risk and crisis communications.