Ensuring Corporate Compliance

The police descended on the headquarters of a Fortune 50 firm and searched the premises. The firm, which has business interests in more than 190 countries, learned that the police and prosecutor were investigating multiple allegations of violations of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act. More

Confidentially Vetting Prospective Nominees

The out-of-office political party needed to vet potential vice presidential candidates to ensure that no problems would surface after one of them was nominated. More

Revealing the Reason for A Rival’s Cost Advantage

A large restaurant chain’s volume was in the millions, and failure would mean a substantial loss of business. More

Managing a Domestic Corporate Crisis

In the midst of its first labor dispute in decades, the board of directors decided to sell the company. The entire town – as well as surrounding communities and the state was torn apart by the labor strike. As a result, the possible sale of the company was not to be publicly disclosed to anyone. More

Publicly Held, But Run Like a Private Company

Within two of weeks of a new CEO assuming office, several suspicious business practices came to light that appeared to favor a particular supplier and certain members of the executive team. More

Reentry into Colombia

A large international industrial company asks the Fairfax Group to help it determine whether to reenter the Colombian market and, if so, to what degree. More

Getting to the Bottom of Hate Mail

A letter was distributed to senior management of a major manufacturing company containing a drawing of nine stick figures being hung by the neck, with the caption “One down, nine to go.” More

Preventing Counterfeit Products

An association wanted to create a more effective public/private partnership to deal with the growing global issue of intellectual property protection. More