Fear Itself

Michael J. Hershman
& Mark Monsky

September 11, 2001, is a date to live in infamy. We are engaged in a global war, faced by an explosion of hate that means to slaughter us, our children, and what we stand for. As in World War II, fear has become more than a tool; it has again become a purpose.

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For three decades, clients have trusted the Fairfax Group to help them. Our strong reputation is built on individualized service, creative solutions to complex problems, and a thorough understanding of the needs of business and government. The global nature of today’s business environment, and the ever expanding consequences of wrongdoing, means that successful problem solving must deliver both corrective action in the short term and remediation for long-term, preventive results − and the Fairfax Group is able to deliver both.

Our corporate, governmental and legal clients appreciate not only our problem-solving abilities, but our recognition of their primary objective: to grow their business - or that of their clients - in a way that integrates productivity and good citizenship. Our governmental clients value our ability to bring private-sector know how to help them reach their objectives, discreetly and efficiently.

At the Fairfax Group we believe that the core values for both government and corporate entities are transparency and accountability. In fact, we think these values should apply across the board to businesses, governments and civil society around the world.

Risk management/mitigation begins with understanding the issues and bringing an independent perspective to bear on the problems. Reducing risks, whether they be political, financial or security related, requires an understanding of all the organization’s vulnerabilities, of the local environment(s) where the risks arise, and of the opportunities for turning those risks into business solutions.

Since our inception, the Fairfax Group has promoted compliance and social responsibility as complimentary goals for any organization. And we practice what we teach: our employees are encouraged to promote greater professionalism in our industry, therefore we support organizations like Transparency International, that play key advocacy roles in defining and advancing integrity around the world.